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Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE)
2014 Science Dean Homecoming Celebration
2014 Science Dean Homecoming Celebration

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  • Rain Premium (August 04, 2015)
    A mistimed rainstorm can ruin any hope of a profitable harvestWestem Science News - Juy 16, 2015

    Weather, being quite a whole-hearted practitioner of the adage, "the only constant is change" keeps us guessing with altered seasons, varying wind patterns and mood-swings in temperature. For a farmer who is growing corn, an unpredictable downpour of rain or an unforeseen and extreme change in temperature may completely annihilate that year's crop haul. Dr. Rogemar Mamon, a Mathematics & Statistics professor at Western University's department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, observes that, "what the farmer needs is crop insurance linked to weather-related risk to help tide over these unavoidable and unpredictable circumstances."  read more....

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  • MSc Public Lecture - Britney Allen (Wednesday, August 05, 2015)
    Time: 1:00pm-1:30pm and Room: WSC 248
    Speaker: Britney Allen

    Sound statistical analyses are essential to the advancement of medicine. Although certainly not always the case, far too many publications are based on weak or inappropriate statistical methodology, leading to questionable results. Statistical reporting guidelines and standards for research are being introduced which should help curb this problem.  Wide recognition of the need for statistical methodologies aligned with research questions and study designs, and the impact when this is not the case, would help prevent this problem. 

    In this presentation, I will share the types of common statistical errors found in medical journals and illustrate their consequences on data from an observational study on Multiple Sclerosis. Results from a simulation study designed to explore the impact of inappropriate modelling of survival data will also be presented.

    Joint-supervisors: Dr. John Braun and Dr. Bethany White
  • PhD Public Lecture - Chen Yang (Thursday, August 20, 2015)

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