Mathematica Packages and Notebooks

File Description
iapower.m Mathematica package for power computation
IAPowerUsage.nb Mathematica notebook documenting package usage
WriteTable.m package used to export tables to LaTeX
uta.m time series package used in some of notebooks given below


Table or Figure File
Table 1 DerivationsAR1Case.nb
Table 2 DerivationsIMA1Case.nb
Table 3 Table3-FractionalExample.nb
Table 4 Table4-SeriesAPowerComputationTables.nb
Table 5 Table5-AR(1)Plan1and2.nb
Table 6 Table6-ExactVSApproximate.nb
Table 7 Table7-SampleSize.nb
Table 8 Table8-PowerSimulation.nb,
Figure 1 Figure1-AsymptoticsAR1.nb
Figure 2, AR(1) SimulationAR1.nb
Figure 2, IMA(1) SimulationIMA1.nb
Figure 2, fractional Figure2-FractionalSimulation.nb
EARMAM.EXE (needed for MathLink)
Figure 3 Figure3-ForecastActualitySignificanceTest.nb

You will need Mathematica Version 5 to run this software.  The notebooks may be viewed using MathReader available for free from

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