Maple Benchmarks

A simple benchmark is the time it takes to factor a long integer. For comparison we did this benchmark in Maple and Mathematica. The Maple test was: >ifactor(5^100-1);

Another more realistic of many statistical computations involved computing the ideal bootstrap for the trimmed mean as suggested in Problem 6.10 of Hastie and Tibshirani (1993). The Maple code and which includes documentation is available, prob610.mpl.

Symbolic matrix inverse and eigenvector computations were also timed. The Maple code for these computations is very short and reproduced here:

Thinkpad, pentium-120 ifactor 7684
Thinkpad, pentium-120 prob610 117
Thinkpad, pentium-120 symbolic inverse 22
Thinkpad, pentium-120 symbolic eigenvectors 75
M40, Risc6000 (lexis) ifactor 10822
M40, Risc6000 (lexis) prob610 67
M40, Risc6000 (lexis) symbolic inverse 44
M40, Risc6000 (lexis) symbolic eigenvectors 55