Splus Benchmarks

We compute the ideal bootstrap standard error of trimmed mean using recursive partitition. Formule 6.8, 6.16 & 6.17 of Efron & Tibshirani in their book Introduction to the Bootstrap are used and the data for problem 6.10. The data and Splus code are available here. If you save this file as prob610.s in your home directory then you can run this benchmark from Splus with the command:


The result is the elapsed time in seconds which is printed on your screen. Of course this is not the same as the CPU time but on single user systems it provides a reasonable index provided there are no cpu intensive computations running in the background. If you run on a multiuser system, the result may not be very meaningful unless you make sure there are no other users and no cpu intensive jobs running.

Description of CPU Elapsed Time in Seconds
PS/2 95, 486DX-50  
IBM Thinkpad, Pentium-120 266
SAMLAB, Pentium Pro  
IBM Risc 6000, M40 (lexis) 192
IBM Risc 6000, (karl)