Hipel-McLeod  Time Series Datasets Collection.

The file mhsets.zip contains over 300 time series datasets which are placed in 24 subdirectories when de-archived. These data sets are taken from various case studies and are suitable for model building exercises such as are discussed in our textbook, Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems by K.W. Hipel and A.I. McLeod (1994), published by Elsevier, Amsterdam. 1994. ISBN 0-444-89270-2. (1013 pages).

To get the directory structure, use the -d option with pkunzip or unzip, ie.

pkunzip -d mhsets.zip

The datasets are also available in shar format: mhts.shar

All datasets are in ASCII format with a title string as the first line followed by the data in chronological order.  The datasets may be input to S-Plus or R using the S program:  readmhts.s