slcheck: Diagnostic Check for Monotone Spread

Requires: Splus 3.3 or above
To install on Windows system with Splus:
1. At the dos prompt create a library slcheck on the drive
that contains Splus, say c:
> md \spluswin\library\slcheck
2. Copy the file to \spluswin\library\slcheck
3. Go to \spluswin\library\slcheck and type the command
> unzip

Requires: Splus 3.4
1. Unzip Remove SLCHECK.OBJ.
2. Load slcheck.s into S-plus using the S-plus command:
> source("slcheck.s")
3. Compile the fortran code with the unix command:
Splus COMPILE slcheck.for
4. Use dynamic or static loading to get the interface setup.
See Splus Reference.
5. Copy the documention files slcheck and bline to .Data\.Help
where .Data is the subdirectory containing the S-plus programs
for slcheck. The documentation files are in _data\_help.
After copying these files you can then remove the dos files
rm -r _data