M.Sc. Students and Project Titles in the Last Decade

1.     Roxana Raut (2008). Methods to analyze multiple randomized clinical trials with longitudinal outcomes. (Vivian McAlister, advisor).

2.     Jessica Jialin Sun (2007). Human Caused Fires in the Romeo Malette Forest. (joint supervision with W.J. Braun)

3.     Paul Nguyen (2006). Quantile regression.

4.     Lengyi Han (2006). Modeling the frequency of forest fires in different districts of Ontario. (joint supervision with W.J. Braun)

5.     Olga Vasilyeva (2006). Methods for categorical longitudinal survey data: sensitivity analysis in assessing drinking patterns of Canadian undergrads based on the 2004 Canadian Campus Survey.

6.     Changshen Ding (2005). A study on the joint inclusion probability and the approximations to the variance estimator.

7.     Maria Porco (2003). Variance estimation and analysis in the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS).

8.     Li Wang (2003). Truncated bivariate normal distribution.

9.     Larraine Becker (2002). Estimation of molecular relative frequency in ICS images.

10. William Liu (2000). Double sampling for stratification and estimation of conditional means and marginal distributions with kernel density smoothing.

11. Dezhou Sun (2000). The application of the general linear model to environmental data analysis.

12. Susan Guo (2000). Evaluation of statistical software for complex survey data analysis.

13. Shuqian Fu (1999). An application of local smoothing techniques to the Ontario Health Survey data.

14. Walter Heber (1999). The analysis of crossover experimental designs: a methodology review.

15. Selina McDonald (1999). A mortality study of London Life’s individual insurances policies which were issued without evidences.

16. Feng Qiu (1998). Effect of bin size on the kernel density estimate for complex survey data.

17. Parnaz Motlagh-Arani (1998). Analysis of epilepsy within the 1994 National Population Health Survey.