Getting Started with R!

R For Kids

  • an introduction to the R package, written for middle and high school students and their teachers.

Arithmetic and Mathematical Functions

  • a collection of examples and exercises on how to use R as a calculator.

Sorting and Plotting

  • a collection of examples and exercises showing how you can work with vectors (lists of numbers) and create scatter graphs.



Additional Resources to help you get started

  • R TRIX for Kids? presented at the Canadian Math Educators Forum in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Introduction to R and R Trix presented to Math Department Heads in London, Ontario.
  • This article will soon appear in the Teaching Statistics journal.
  • Check out these R Tricks. Some of them are examples discussed in the article.
    You will need to download and install R in order to try the examples. (Click on "Other R Links" above for help with this.)
  • Here is a related article.