Optimization is an area of applied mathematics that bridges mathematical theory with applications in diverse fields. The Midwest Optimization Meeting provides opportunities for researchers in this region with different backgrounds to come together to share their research and teaching experiences, forge collaborations with colleagues from different institutions, and to expose students to applications of mathematical theory.

The first Midwest Optimization Meeting was initiated in 1997 at Western Michigan University, after that it  is held annually at universities in the Midwest.

October 19, 2013

Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

University of Western Ontario

Western Science Centre, Room 240

1151 Richmond Street

London, Ontario

Canada, N6A 5B7

Local Organizer: Hristo Sendov

Work: (519) 661-2111 ext.86985

E-mail: hssendov at stats dot uwo dot ca

Equipment includes:

- A videoprojector  for your laptop or just your USB memory key

- A wireless Internet connection

- An overhead projector

- A blackboard and chalk

Campus Map (parking and building are framed in red)

Parking: Medway parking lot is free to the public on weekends.
               It is located behind Elgin Hall.

Accommodation: 1. The Windermere Manor. Make sure you ask for the “Western rate”. It includes breakfast.

  1. 2.Guest House on the Mount. This is a lower budget option but still offering a very very descent accommodation. 

The 15-th Midwest Optimization Meeting

Confirmed Participants (in alphabetical order):

  1. 1.Yuen-Lam Cheung

  2. 2.Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy

  3. 3.Boyan Dimitrov

  4. 4.Rafal Goebel

  5. 5.Mehdi Karimi

  6. 6.Ilias Kotsireas

  7. 7.Boris S. Mordukhovich

  8. 8.Wei Ouyang

  9. 9.Gabor Pataki

  10. 10. Hristo Sendov

  11. 11. Shen Shan

  12. 12. Yuan Tian

  13. 13. Henry Wolkowicz

  14. 14. Qiji Zhu

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