Electronic Publications

  1. R lexicon
  2. Citation Count for Publications by A.I. McLeod (as of October 17, 2005)
  3. TIES 2005, Developments in Intervention Analysis
  4. Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems by Keith W. Hipel & A. Ian McLeod, 2005 by Hipel and McLeod.
  5. Timing Comparison: Mathematica, R and C
  6. McLeod-Provost Multivariate Visualization Page
  7. Research Articles
  8. Spectral Analysis of the Hurst Phenomenon
  9. The 13th Day of a month is more likely to be a Friday
  10. Improved Spread-Level Visualization
  11. Fisher Information Matrix: ARMA and Fractional ARMA Model
  12. Mean Likelihood Estimators
  13. Diagnostic Check for Monotone Spread
  14. Mathsource Publications
  15. McLeod-Hipel Time Series PC Package
  16. MHTS Reference Manual
  17. CPU Benchmarks
  18. Time Series Datasets
  19. Periodic Autoregression Modelling
  20. 1989 Statistical Society of Canada Directory of Programs