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Ricardas Zitikis

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Western University
Western Science Centre 274, 1151 Richmond Street North
London, Ontario N6A 5B7, Canada
Research and Consulting
Curriculum Vitae
Newest co-authors
- Nadezhda Gribkova
- Lingzhi Chen
- Ruodu Wang
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Recent publications
- Allocations, concomitants, and asymptotics [view on SharedIt]
- Relative measures of income and risk
- Weighted risk capital allocations
- CMPH ...what is it?
- The classical and weighted-Gini betas
- Measuring and comparing student performance
- Assessing monotonicity
- Gini-type measures of risk and variability
- Pearson, Gini, and WIPM
- An adaptation of the classical CAPM to insurance
- Optimal two-stage pricing strategies
- Black Friday or Boxing Day?
- Balancing the interests of the cedent and the reinsurer
- Tail dependence of the Gaussian copula
- Dynamic cost-benefit analysis of evacuations
- Stepwise portfolio construction