List of Presentations

The list of abstracts can be found here. See below for individual presentation slides.

Alisha Albert-Green (Simon Fraser University)
Temporal Trends in Forest Fire Season Length

Amir Behnamian (University of Ottawa)
Measurements of Probability Density Functions in a Thermal Mixing Layer Embedded in Uniformly Sheared Turbulence

Alaba Boluwade (McGill University)
Spatial Modeling of Soil Heterogeneities and Impacts on Soil-Phosphorus in a Watershed-Scale

Jit Seng Chen (University of Waterloo)
Suboptimality of Asian Executive Stock Options

Angie Dobbs (University of Guelph)
Improving MCMC Convergence in Individual-Level Infectious Disease Models

Lingling Fan (University of New Brunswick)
Classification of Cellular Automata Models

Lin Fang (McMaster University)
Statistical Quality Control Charts to Monitor Processes Under Competing Risks

Jourdan Gold (University of Guelph)
Infection Time Uncertainty in Individual-level Models of Infectious Disease

Matthew Inch (University of Guelph)
Zero-inflated Data Modeling

Jonathan Lee (University of Western Ontario)
Parallel Computation of Spatial Lattice Models

Iman Mabrouk (University of Western Ontario)
An Extended Inverse Gaussian Model

Ali Akbar Mohsenipour (University of Western Ontario)
A New Approximation of the Distribution of Hermitian Quadratic Forms in Possibly Singular Normal Vector

Gregory Persson (University of Guelph)
Familial Loading for Bipolar Disorder (BD) and the Association between BD and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Susan Zhe Sheng (University of Western Ontario)
On Approximating the Distribution of the Peña-Rodriguez Portmanteau Statistic

Chunlin Wang (University of Calgary)
A New Hybrid Estimation Method for the Generalized Pareto Distribution

Bing Xia (University of Calgary)
A Review of Discovery Process Models