Actuary - Ranked #1 Profession, Again.

Posted by Jennifer Dungavell
Date May 3, 2013 | Topic: Department News

The CBC Lang O'Leary Report featured CareerCast's 2013 200 best to worst ranked jobs.

And Actuary came out on top, again! 
Western's program has been designated as a Centre of Actuarial Excellence by the Americal Society of Actuaries, and its courses have accreditation with the Canadian Institute of Acutaries.  We offer small classes, an active student association, and plenty of on-campus industry hosted recuitment events.
If you're good at math and want a career with a future, learn more about Actuarial Science at

" ...As a 30+ year veteran of the profession... I have had a fabulous career and it is more than just financially satisfying. Management of risk is important for society. And the days of the "back room" actuary are gone. I work with CEOs, I travel regularly and interact with really smart and interesting people..."

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