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IDNamePhoneFaxEmailDegrees ObtainedCurrent Degree RegistrationCourses and Subjects TutoredAvailability
1705Deepakshi Madaandmadaan@uwo.caMasters in Applied MathematicsMasters in PhysicsAM 1413 , Calculus 1000, Differential Equations (AM2270), Linear Algebra , Numerical Analysis (AM 2814) Flexible
1695Venkat Balavbalasu8@uwo.caPhDAll Calculus courses, Linear Algebra, Differential equations, Partial Differential equations, Matlab progrmaming Flexible
1740Shikhar Dwivedi226-234-0456sdwived@uwo.caBachelor of Engineering(Hons), Masters in Applied MathsMsc in Applied MathsCalculus, Engineering Mathematics, Programming(C,C++,Python etc), Physics Flexible
1543Pranav P Manangath5193170478pmananga@uwo.caBS&MS in Physics From IIT MadrasMS in AstrophysicsCalculus, AM 1201, All Physics Courses, Physics 1028,1029,1301,1401,1302,1402,2600 Flexible
1716Megan Freeman6133144504mfreem@uwo.caBachelors of Science in Biomedical ScienceBachelor of Science in NursingBiochemistry, Human Physiology, Microimmunology, Biology, Pathology, Molecular Biology and Genetics Flexible
1657Sayantan Auddysauddy3@uwo.caM Sc in Physics , M Sc in AstronomyP hD in PhysicsPHYS 1301/1302, 1401/1402, 1028/1029 Flexible
1572John Thompsonjthomp83@uwo.caB.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Statistics)Ph.D. (Statistics)Introductory Statistics, Probability, Inference, Regression, R programming, Nonparametric Statistics, ODEs/PDEs, Vector Calculus, Physics, Lab Report Writing. Flexible
1725Roha Alam226-224-0029ralam25@uwo.caBHScHigh school math and science courses Biology 1201A Flexible
1666Hesam M2269849345hmaleki2@uwo.caMasterPhD (Engineering)All Mathematics, Calculus, Electric Circuits I (ECE 2205A), Matlab Programming Flexible
1684Fatemeh khadirFkhadir@uwo.caPhd of pathologyPhd Biology, pathology, immunology Flexible Flexible
1676Ariel Gershonagersho@uwo.caBScMDBiology, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, chemistry (intro), physics (intro). Flexible
1442izad behnia2269772771ibehnia@uwo.caMEScPhDAll Mathematics, All Physics, Calculus, Functions. Flexible
1406Ehsan S2269773334egreenx@gmail.comPhDPhDCalculus, All Mathematics Flexible
1582Laura Hallsworthlhallswo@uwo.caHonours BSc. Kinsiology Masters of Physical Therapy Anatomy, biology, physiology Flexible
1391Hamed Avari(519) 702-2816havari@uwo.caPh.D.Postoc1st year Calculus and Mathematics, 1st year Physics, over 6 years experience. Flexible
1739Shikhar Dwivedi226-234-0456sdwived@uwo.caBachelor of Engineering(Hons), Masters in Applied MathsMsc in Applied MathsCalculus, Engineering Mathematics, Programming(C,C++,Python etc), Physics Flexible
1719Venkat Balavbalasu8@uwo.caPhDCalculus 1000, 1301, 1500, AM Calculus 1201, Linear Algebra 1411, Applied Mathematics 1413, Differential Equations 2270, Vector calculus 2276, Boundary value problems 2277, Ordinary Differential equations/ Partial Differential equations 2402, 2811, Method
1718Venkat Balavbalasu8@uwo.caPhD Applied MathematicsCalculus 1000, 1301, 1500, AM 1201, 1411,1413, 2270, 2276, 2277, 2402, 2811, 2814, 3413, 3415, 3811, 4815
1626Sapna Ashok Kumar51970170945197017094sapnaashok1990@gmail.comMasters in Electrical and Computer EngneeringNoPhysics (1028, 1029) Flexible Evenings Only Weekends Only Weekdays
1631Leah Cabral9053910208lcabral5@uwo.caBScBScAll Calculus, Mathematics, Statistics or Linear Algebra such as: STATS: 1023,1024,2810,2820,2830,2141,2205,2242,2035,3801,2801,2857,2205,3810,2210,2851, 2222, 2122,2123, etc. MATH: 1600,1411,1228,1229,0105,0110,1225, etc. CALCULUS: 1000,1100,1301,1500 Flexible
1644Sohail Qazisqazi5@uwo.caPh.DPost-docBiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, Hon and Grad (thesis) Flexible Flexible Flexible Flexible
1650Maryam N.mnourika@uwo.caB.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D (Physics)ResearcherAll physics course like 1301,1302,1401,1402 and high school Flexible
1711Devan Beckerdbecker7@uwo.caM.Sc. Statistics/Biostatistics, B.Sc. MathematicsPh.D. StatisticsUndergraduate statistics (esp. 2244), R programming, Regression, Inference, Probability Flexible
1753Humayun Ahmed6477207728humayun_21@hotmail.comB.A. (Neuroscience, Biology)M.Sc. (Medical Sciences)Biology, biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, math, English and humanities, psychology, sociology, physical chemistry, standardized tests (MCAT, DAT, PCAT, OAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT) Flexible
1767Dr. Raphael Bahati(519) 281-6186rbahati@alumni.uwo.caB.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Post DoctoralMath (MATH0110, MATH1225, MATH1228, MATH1229, MATH1600, CALC1000, CALC1301, CALC1501, CALC2302/3, CALC2502/3), Stats (STATS1024, STATS2035, STATS2244, ECON2122, ECON2222/3, PSYC2810, PSYC2820, PSYC3800, SOCI2205, MOS2242, GEOG2210) Flexible
1787Natalia at SELCnatalia@selc.caPhD completedPhysics 0010, 1021, 1028A&1029B, 1301A&1302B, 1401A&1402B, 1501A&1502B; Calculus 1000, 1500, 1301, 1501; AM 1411, 1413;Math 0110, 1120, 1225, 1229, 1600. Preparation for exams in Calculus 1000, 1301 and AM 1411. Discount for groups of students. Flexible
1837Arpan Das5196197685adas45@uwo.caM.Sc in PhysicsPhD in AstronomyPhysics(1301/1401 /1028/1029/2102), Astronomy(1021,2022,2232,2801,3302,4602), Computer Science(CS2120,CS1026),Python Programming Flexible