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Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE)

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Statistical Science (23) Actuarial Science (12) Financial Modelling (6)

All Subjects

Course Course Title Term Semester
AS1021A/B Introduction to Financial Security Systems A/B Fall/Winter
AS2053A/B/ Mathematics for Financial Analysis A/B/AB Fall/Winter
AS2427A/B Life Contingencies I A/B Fall/Winter
AS2553A/B Mathematics of Finance A/B Fall/Winter
AS2557A/B Financial Markets and Investments A/B Fall/Winter
AS3424A/B Loss Models I A/B Fall/Winter
AS3429A/B Life Contingencies II A/B Fall/Winter
AS3431A/B Life Contingencies III A/B Fall/Winter
AS4426F/G Actuarial Practice I F/G Fall/Winter
AS4823A/B Survival Analysis A/B Fall/Winter
AS4824A/B Loss Models II A/B Fall/Winter
AS4960F/G Selected Topics in Actuarial Science F/G Fall/Winter
AS9935B Statistical Science B Winter
FM2555A/B Corporate Finance A/B Fall/Winter
FM2557A/B Financial Markets and Investments A/B Fall/Winter
FM3520A/B Financial Modelling I A/B Fall/Winter
FM3613A/B Mathematics of Financial Options A/B Fall/Winter
FM3817A/B Optimization Methods for Financial Modelling A/B Fall/Winter
FM4521F/G Advanced Financial Modelling F/G Fall/Winter
SS1023A/B Statistical Concepts A/B Fall/Winter
SS1024A/B/ Introduction to Statistics A/B/AB Fall/Winter
SS2035A/B/ Statistics for Business and Social Sciences A/B/AB Fall/Winter
SS2037A/B Statistics for Health A/B Fall/Winter
SS2141B/L Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers B/L Summer
SS2143A/B Applied Statistics and Data Analysis for Engineers A/B Fall/Winter
SS2244A/B Statistics for Science A/B Fall/Winter
SS2503A/B Advanced Mathematics for Statistical Applications A/B Fall/Winter
SS2857A/B Probability and Statistics I A/B Fall/Winter
SS2858A/B Probability and Statistics II A/B Fall/Winter
SS2864A/B Statistical Programming A/B Fall/Winter
SS3657A/B Intermediate Probability A/B Fall/Winter
SS3843A/B Introduction to Study Design A/B Fall/Winter
SS3850F/G Data Analysis F/G Fall/Winter
SS3858A/B Mathematical Statistics A/B Fall/Winter
SS3859A/B Regression A/B Fall/Winter
SS4521F/G Advanced Financial Modelling F/G Fall/Winter
SS4654A/B Markov Chains with Applications A/B Fall/Winter
SS4846A/B Experimental Design A/B Fall/Winter
SS4850F/G Advanced Data Analysis F/G Fall/Winter
SS4853A/B Sampling Theory and Methods A/B Fall/Winter
SS4861A/B Time Series A/B Fall/Winter
SS4940F/G Selected Topics in Statistics F/G Fall/Winter