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Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE)

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2nd Year Courses in Statistical Science

Course Course Title Term Semester
SS2035A/B/ Statistics for Business and Social Sciences A/B/AB Fall/Winter
SS2037A/B Statistics for Health A/B Fall/Winter
SS2141B/L Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers B/L Summer
SS2143A/B Applied Statistics and Data Analysis for Engineers A/B Fall/Winter
SS2244A/B Statistics for Science A/B Fall/Winter
SS2503A/B Advanced Mathematics for Statistical Applications A/B Fall/Winter
SS2857A/B Probability and Statistics I A/B Fall/Winter
SS2858A/B Probability and Statistics II A/B Fall/Winter
SS2864A/B Statistical Programming A/B Fall/Winter