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Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE)

Introduction to Statistics

Statistical Science 1024A Section 001

Course Outline

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Instructor Information
InstructorHao Yu (Section Coordinator)
OfficeWSC 217
Phone519-661-3622 ext 83622
Office Hours Tue,Thu 9:00 AM-10:30 AM;
Course Information
Course DescriptionStatistical inference, experimental design, sampling design, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means and proportions, regression and correlation.
Prerequisites Grade 12U Mathematics or Mathematics 0110A/B or 1229A/B,
Antirequisites All other courses or half courses in Introductory Statistics, except Statistical Sciences 1023A/B and 2037A/B.
Pre, Co-requisites WarningUnless you have either the requisites for this course or written special permission from your Dean to enroll in it, you may be removed from this course and it will be deleted from your record. You can be deregistered at any time even after writing the final exam. This decision may not be appealed. You will receive no adjustment to your fees in the event that you are dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites
Lecture Hours Mon,Wed,Fri 8:30 AM-9:30 AM TC 141; 
Book Information
Text Book(s)

Text Book: The Basic Practice of Statistics (7th ed.), Moore, Notz and Fligner. Publisher: Macmillan

Note: Launchpad is an optional online system that can be used as an extra resource as you take this course. This textbook supplement includes resources (i.e., supplementary videos, online applets, tutorials and extra practice problems) that will be particularly useful for any concepts you find challenging.


Course Objectives
The course provides an introduction to statistics. By the end of the course the students should have a basic understanding of:
  1. the techniques used in exploring, organizing and describing data;
  2. producing data through surveys and experiments;
  3. general rules of probability;
  4. statistical inference: including confidence interval construction and tests of hypotheses
Assignments and/or Quizzes

Assignments: There will be suggested exercises from the textbook. Although these exercises are ungraded, they are essential to your learning. The solution for suggested textbook exercises will be posted on OWL.

Quizzes: There will be 5 in class quizzes, not announced in advance.  The best 4 of 5 quizzes will count towards the final grade.

A mark of zero will be recorded for any quizzes which are missed without legitimate reason.  No makeups for the quizzes.

For those that do legitimately miss a quiz and provide the required supporting documentation to their home faculty, the standard practice will be that the weight of the missed quiz will be reassigned to the final exam. If your reason is not deemed valid, then you will receive a mark of zero.

Midterms or Tests

There will be one midterm on the date and time noted below. Students should bring non-programmable calculators. All tables needed and some formulas will be provided. Students will be notified in class in advance of the midterm which formulas will be provided (note:  you cannot use your cell phones as a calculator).

Day: Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm.

Location:  FNB 1200, FNB 1220, FNB 1240, FNB 1250, FNB 1270, FNB 3210, FNB 3220. Assiging to which rooms with your last name will be determined later.


Final Exam

The final exam will be a three-hour cumulative multiple choice examination covering all material in the course. It will be scheduled by the Registrar's Office.    


Your final mark will be determined using the following marking scheme:   


In-class quiz (the best 4 of 5 quizzes)

Midterm test 25%
Final Exam 50%
Extra exam weight 10%

The extra exam weight will be applied to whichever of the midterm or final exam has the best mark. For example, if you score 90% on the midterm, 80% on final exam, the weights used will be 35%  and 50% respectively. 


Course Website Information

Western's learning management system OWl will be used. Please check this webpage regularly for lecture notes, exam materials and announcements. A copy of this course outline is also posted.

Computing and/or Calculator Requirement
Students should bring a non-programmable calculator to the term test and final exam. Calculators will be helpful for solving the practice questions and may be used in the in-class quizzes, but will not be required in class as long as you are able to do some simple arithmetic without one.
Department Policy on Missed Course Requirements and Student Health and Wellness

If you are unable to meet a course requirement due to illness or other serious circumstances, you must provide valid medical or other supporting documentation to your Dean's office as soon as possible, and contact your instructor immediately. If accommodation is approved by your Dean's office, your instructor will be notified, then it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements with your instructor. In the event of a missed final exam, a "Recommendation of Special Examination" form must be obtained from the Dean's Office immediately. For further information please see: http://www.stats.uwo.ca/accommodation_medical.pdf. A student requiring academic accommodation due to illness, should use the Student Medical Certificate when visiting an off-campus medical facility. The form can be found at: http://www.stats.uwo.ca/medicalform.pdf. Or, request a Record's Release Form (located in the Dean's Office) for visits to Student Health Services.

Missed Midterm or Test: The policy of the department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences is that there will be no make-up exams for a missed midterm. For those that do legitimately miss a midterm and provide the required supporting documentation, the standard practice will be that the weight of the midterm will be reassigned to the final exam. If your reason is not deemed valid, then you will receive a mark of 0.

Student Health and Wellness: As part of a successful student experience at Western, we encourage students to make their health and wellness a priority. Western provides several on campus health-related services to help you achieve optimum health and engage in healthy living while pursuing your degree. For example, to support physical activity, all students, as part of their registration, receive membership in Western’s Campus Recreation Centre. Numerous cultural events are offered throughout the year. Please check out the Faculty of Music web page http://www.music.uwo.ca/, and our own McIntosh Gallery http://www.mcintoshgallery.ca. Information regarding health- and wellness-related services available to students may be found at http://www.health.uwo.ca/.
Students seeking help regarding mental health concerns are advised to speak to someone they feel comfortable confiding in, such as their faculty supervisor, their program director (graduate chair), or other relevant administrators in their unit. Campus mental health resources may be found at http://www.health.uwo.ca/mental_health/resources.html.
To help you learn more about mental health, Western has developed an interactive mental health learning module, found here: http://www.health.uwo.ca/mental_health/module.html. This module is 30 minutes in length and provides participants with a basic understanding of mental health issues and of available campus and community resources. Topics include stress, anxiety, depression, suicide and eating disorders. After successful completion of the module, participants receive a certificate confirming their participation.

Accessibility: Please contact the course instructor if you require lecture or printed material in an alternate format or if any other arrangements can make this course more accessible to you. You may also wish to contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at 661-2111 ext. 82147 if you have questions regarding accommodation.

Support Services: Learning-skills counsellors at the Student Development Centre (SDC) (http://www.sdc.uwo.ca) are ready to help you improve your learning skills. They offer presentations on strategies for improving time management, multiple-choice exam preparation/writing, textbook reading, and more. Individual support is offered throughout the Fall/Winter terms in the drop-in Learning Help Centre, and year-round through individual counselling.
Additional student-run support services are offered by the USC, http://westernusc.ca/services.
The website for Registrarial Services is http://www.registrar.uwo.ca.

Email Communication

You are welcome to communicate with your instructor by OWL Messages (use Instructor Role when sending), but communication should only be used to provide them with information or to ask administrative questions that require a brief response. For more lengthy discussions and for discussions on lectures/course material please see your instructor during scheduled office hours or by appointment or online forums on OWL.



Attendance: Classroom attendance is viewed as an important part of the learning process. Students are advised that excessive absenteeism may result in the student being disbarred from the final exam (see Western Academic Calendar). Class Environment Policy: The Department has adopted a "Mutual Expectations" policy governing the classroom environment and all work submitted by students. The full text of the policy can be found at: http://www.stats.uwo.ca/mutual_expectations.pdf. In summary, the policy was developed under the premise that all interactions between students and faculty should be governed by the principles of courtesy, respect and honesty. Students who are in emotional/mental distress should refer to Mental Health@Western http://www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/ for a complete list of options about how to obtain help. Academic Integrity: We expect our students to conduct themselves academically in a manner that upholds the integrity and reputation of our academic programs. Cheating on assignments, exams, essays and term papers is considered to be a serious violation of ethical conduct, and will not be tolerated.
Western Links
Registrarial Services: http://http://www.registrar.uwo.ca/ Learning-skills services at the SDC: http://http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/ Universities Students' Council: http://westernusc.ca/