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In statistical and actuarial sciences, you collect, analyze and model data through mathematical and computing systems.

An actuary is a qualified expert in the design and operation of insurance and pension programs, and is trained in the assessment of risk.  Actuaries apply mathematical and statistical techniques to a wide range of financial problems.  In Canada, an actuary is defined by law as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

The Fellowship designation is granted after three years of practical experience and successful completion of a set of professional examinations.  Western will provide you with courses and programs that prepare you to write most of the Associateship examinations.   In statistics and actuarial science you will be encouraged to take a variety of options, including courses in business, computing and economics.

A statistician is an expert in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data using probability models.  The main focus of statisticians in the department is on computer intensive practical applications of data analysis and scientific and industrial modelling, all in conjunction with fundamental theoretical research in the statistical sciences.   The Department offers several courses in the related area of Operations Research, which deals with the use of mathematics and statistics to solve industrial problems.   It also participates in the CORS Diploma.

We encourage close contact and interaction between our students and faculty.  Faculty members' offices, most of our classrooms, and one of the best equipped computing labs on campus, are located on the 2nd floor of the Western Science Centre (aka Paterson Building).  The Actuarial & Statistical Undergraduate Associationorganizes seminars, study groups and social events. 


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