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Tutor Referral Service
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Listing are purged annually at the end of August and April.

Tutor listings may only be entered from PC's located on UWO campus.  You must currently be enrolled in a graduate, undergraduate, or professional program at UWO or affiliate. 

This site is maintained by staff volunteers and is provided as a service only.  The administrators assume no responsibility for the quality and/or level of service you receive, however, we do like to hear your comments:  cmaclea7@uwo.ca

TO BE A TUTOR:**   Please do not include URL's in your Tutor Listing.  Click on "To Be a Tutor" and fill in the form provided, please consider what information you want to display before you submit because it is a live-post.  If you make an error and want to change your posting, delete your original posting by emailing Cinthia, cmaclea7@uwo.ca, quoting the ID # and re-enter your posting.  All postings are purged on April 30th and August 31st.  You are welcome to repost starting May 1st and September 1st.  Tutor listing may only be entered from a PC located on UWO's campus.
Please discuss your fees and payment arrangements in advance, it is not advisable to allow a student to run up a large bill they may have difficulty paying in the end.

TO FIND A TUTOR:  The following list is a compilation of graduate and senior UWO students who offer tutorial services in various disciplines.   Courses/subjects are listed by their Faculty.  For example, Statistics falls under Science, History falls under Social Sciences and French belongs to the Faculty of Arts. If you cannot find a tutor listed in your subject, you are encouraged to ask that department's Graduate Coordinator as s/he may be compiling a tutor list internally.  For safety's sake please arrange to meet in a public place   Please Note:  Western Libraries do not permit tutoring for profit on their premises.  The fees you negotiate can range from $15 to $25 per hour.  Some tutors will issue a receipt. 




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