Mathematica Packages and Notebooks

Ian McLeod

Last Update: Thursday, February 08, 2001 02:45:56 PM

My intention is to provide a Mathematica package which implements all the methods the article "Multivariate Data Visualization" as well as a number of others.  In fact to provide a comprehensive package for data visualization.

My basic philosophy is that if you understand something then it is very easy to implement it in a natural high level language such as Mathematica.  As a demonstration we plan to implement all of the graphics in our article in a Mathematica package for multivariate data visualization, mviz.m.  The use of mviz.m will be demonstrated in accompanying Mathematica notebooks.

Download: mviz.m

Tutorial Notebooks

Reading datasets with mviz.

Tukey mean-difference plot of the ozone pollution data.

The above notebook requires our package for bivariate loess, bilo.m

Four dimensional scatterplot of the environmental data

Parallel coordinates plot of the environmental data