Run Rmpi under DeinoMPI

(Not maintained any more)
  1. Download and install DeinoMPI from 

  2. Run DeinoMPI to setup a Credential Store. Check Deino manual at
        a. Click "enable create store options"
        b. Click "Create Credential Store"
        c. In "Add Credential", add your account and password
        d. Click "Cluster" and click your PC. If it gets red, then DeinoMPI is OK. Otherwise go to Windows service manager and start DeinoMPI.

  3. Download and install Rmpi from here

  4. In DeinoMPI, click "Mpiexec". In "application", choose Rgui.exe from R bin directory. Click "more options" and check "localonly".  Click "execute" to launch R. Load Rmpi and then mpi.spawn.Rslaves(nslaves=2) to setup R slaves.